A Journey Through The Hebrew Alphabet

Morning Thought: Over the next twenty-two ‘morning thought’ posts, we will journey through the Hebrew Alphabet and Psalm 119. It’s an odyssey from Aleph to Tav, the first Hebrew letter to the last.

Psalm 119 is an acrostic psalm, and each portion of the Psalm revolves around one Hebrew letter. As you listen to this treasure trove of a Psalm, the Psalmist walks you through the whole Alephbet.

Don’t be surprised: many times I will follow the Rabbinic tradition of talking about these letters as living things. Why? Because as you meditate on them, they come alive––they seem to have their own personalities.

Hebrew is a unique language since it’s the one God chose to communicate his original thoughts (Genesis – Malachi, the Tanakh). Meditating on the language itself gives you deep insight into Scripture and Hebraic-thought.

Lastly, I’ve drawn out each letter in a watercolour app, and I will feature it at the end of each post. “What love I have for your teaching! All the day, it is my meditation” ( Psalm 119:97, my translation).

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