Glen Gerhauser was born and raised in Long Island, NY. When he was almost eighteen he had an encounter with Jesus that changed his life. From that point he began studying Scripture and preparing for ministry. His journery took him to Pensacola where he lived in a world-impacting revival that saw God move miraculously and over 100,000 people make decisions to follow Jesus. In 1999 he became a missionary to Brisbane, Australia. Glen and his wife, Anna, planted a church, Holy Fire Fellowship, and later founded a Bible School, Holy Fire Ministry Training School. They and their church also established a ministry centre (The 316 Centre) in the heart of Brisbane city to support God’s people and the community. Glen and Anna are the proud parents of three children. Glen is also an ordained minister with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies. He has a passion for his family, church, Bible School students, theology and writing. He is the author of Desperate for Jesus: A Call for Revival, Pioneers and Revolutionaries: A Call to Go Deeper and about fifteen course manuals on various Biblical subjects. He has a Bachelor in Business Administration with High Honors in Management from Hofstra University, NY and an Assiocates in Practical Ministry from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, Pensacola.

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