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Your Window (Audio Message)

Today’s message is about the critical subject of your eyes. Your eyes are like windows. Make sure you keep your windows clean! Listen here and feel free to share.

Free Access to our Bible School

Check out our Bible School TV 📺 channel: 24/7 broadcasting & 50+ hours of on-demand teaching videos. Only 2 more days of FREE access. Then it’s available to students and subscribers. We are celebrating our new domain name: If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Free Access for One Week

I’m excited that our TV 📺 channel ( just obtained as a domain name. To celebrate we are offering FREE access to our Bible School TV channel for one week. Afterwards, it will be password protected again and available for students & subscribers. Enjoy! 

Royal Roots (Video Teaching)

Do you know the way? Many desire the destination, but don’t know the right way to get there. Here’s Monday’s 1st session on Jesus & the Gospels. Available for a limited time. Enjoy! #Jesus #Gospels #roots #way #generations

Here’s the link to the video teaching:

Also, check out &

The King’s Legacy (Video Teaching)

Here’s one of the sessions I taught this week. Available only for the next few days. Last call for our in-house student registration. You can also subscribe (study without credits) or become an online student (study to earn credits). #Jesus #roots #legacy #King

Please also check out these links to be blessed and be a blessing to a new generation of ministry leaders: &

The Sun Arises (Video Teaching)

We had an awesome time for our first night back at Bible School. Here’s what I taught. This is available for a few days as a special promotion. Afterwards it will only be accessible by students and subscribers. Enjoy!


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