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Walk (Audio Message)

Today’s message is now uploaded! Feel free to share.

#walk #worship #way


Focus (Audio Message)

Here’s the message I shared today: . It’s all about faith and seeking God. Feel free to share. #seek #faith #focus


Overflow by Val Sosene (Audio Message)

What an amazing day of the Holy Spirit being poured on us! Today, Val, one of our grads, shared a beautiful word about living an awesome life that overflows with Jesus. You’ll also hear more about what the Lord did at our Purity 2017 Women’s Conference. Feel free to share.


One Thing (Audio Message)

Today’s message is now uploaded! The last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing parts of my testimony in the message. Enjoy! Feel free to share. #Jesus #Knowing #pursuit


Bucketloads (Audio Message)

Today’s message about the Father’s love is now uploaded! Enjoy and feel free to share. #love #Father #grace


The Underground Movement (Audio Message)

Underground Movement 2-01

Theme: Dig down deep so that you can stand for decades, not just days.

Today’s message is now uploaded:


Pillars & Palm Trees (Audio Message)

Today’s message now uploaded!

Feel free to share.

Pillars & Palm Trees 2-01

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