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Growth: A Word for 2018 & Beyond (Audio Message)

Today, I shared my first message for 2018. You can find it here:

Optics vs. Obedience (Audio)

Today’s message. Enjoy both audio and notes. Merry Christmas!


Chariots of Fire Part 2 (Audio Message)

How can you move forward with fire?

Check out today’s message, Chariots of Fire Part 2. Feel free to share.


Chariots of Fire (Audio Message)

The Lord wants to make you into his chariot of fire.

Today’s message is now uploaded! Feel free to share.

chariots of fire-01

Symphonic Soldiers (Audio Message)

Today’s message is now uploaded. Feel free to share.

symphonic soldiers-01

What’s in your Pocket? (Audio Message)

Anna, my dear wife, shared a beautiful and encouraging word today. And we had a very special time of worship too. Here’s the message.#seed#sow#faithfulness. Feel free to share:


Station Yourself (Audio Message)

Today’s message is now uploaded! It will teach you how to handle stress the right way with God. You can listen to the audio and also get detailed PDF notes. Feel free to share. #station #stand #battle

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