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What Are You Doing Here Part II (Audio Message)

Today’s message is now uploaded! Feel free to share.

#Elijah #emotions #purpose


Life & Death (Audio Message)

Today’s message explores the themes of life and death. How can you have a right perspective of both life and death? And how can you truly live as God intended? Check it out and I think you will be blessed. So thankful today for everybody at Church on the Park, each one is hungry for God and many came to the altar to deal with real life issues.

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The Page Turner (Audio Message)

There’s more to your story than what you think.


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Moving too Fast (Audio Message)

Last week the Lord woke me up at 2am with this word and a spirit of intercession. Here’s today’s message. Feel free to share. #Jesus #Joseph #Motives #Timing #Speed


Rise Above (Audio Message)

Rise above the darkness of people’s motives and see the light of Christ.

Today’s message now uploaded!

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Pregnant with Purpose (Audio Message)

Today’s message now uploaded: Feel free to share.


Faces like Flint (Audio Message)

Today’s message – Faces like Flint – now uploaded! Feel free to share.


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