Learn to Rest

by ggerhauser

Morning Thought: “Jesus said, ‘Have the people sit down.'” (John‬ ‭6:10‬a‬‬). The miracle had not taken place yet, there was still not enough food, yet Jesus had the five thousand sit down. Jesus put the people in a posture to receive the Father’s bread before the provision was visible. The last couple of weeks this verse has continually come to my heart. Jesus calls us to sit and receive. I don’t think anyone would sit at a restaurant that said, “We’ve run out of food.” However, the huge crowd sits when there is only five loaves and two fish. The word ‘sit’ has a message in it. Literally, it is ‘recline’. It was the posture people took at a feast. The same word is used of John when he reclined on Jesus’ chest, resting on the Lord’s heart. Today, recline on Jesus, expecting his miracles and provision as you come to the table of his Word.