An Abstract God or A Living Lord – Day 147

The tri-unity of God saves us from thinking of God as an abstract Lord of the heavens. It saves us from the Greek understanding of God as the merely omnipotent, omniscience and omnipresent one. God is much more than power; he is love. Love is his power! The trinity reveals God as love. Augustine pioneered the theology of love when thinking about the tri-unity of God. He proposed that the Father was the Lover, the Son was the Beloved and the Holy Spirit was the Love.

Theologians later began to explain the trinity as the Perichoresis. The Perichoresis is the interpenetration of the persons of the Trinity with one another. The Father lives in the Son and the Son lives in the Father. The Holy Spirit lives in the Father and the Son. The Father lives in the Spirit and the Son also lives in the Spirit. The persons of the Trinity mutually indwell one another bringing life and love. Consequently, it is impossible to separate the persons of the trinity from one another––when you find one, you will find the other.

When God created man in his image and likeness, he made him in the image and likeness of community and love. Man is called to represent God’s glory on earth by living in oneness. All the heavens and the earth share a common unity––creation is interdependent––but man is the most interdependent creature. He cannot live unless all of creation is living in community, unless each part is living for the whole. Again human beings are the most dependent of all God’s creatures. We need the water, light, ground, trees, fruit and animals lest we perish.

Prayer: God, may I see you for who you are––a personal, loving and relational Lord, in Jesus’ name

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