Unifomity vs. Unity – Day 145

by ggerhauser

The nature of cults is a strong pressure to uniformity of thought. Everyone must think the same, respond the same and learn the same. The cult is threatened by diversity. Today’s cults are like manufacturing plants trying to produce cookie cutter “believers.” Their “unity” is based on uniformity and fear, rather than on love. In a cult there is no unity in diversity––cults do not reflect the triune nature of God.

In the same way, the modern phenomena of break down in marriages and families are the consequences of us veering from the image of the triune God. A husband and wife have trouble living together because they cannot submit to one another, listen to each other and serve one another. Self-interest is paramount, rather than covenant relationships. Our God is a covenant-keeping God––he keeps his covenant with himself ––but we are covenant-breaking people. A whole generation of young people are growing up dysfunctional because they are not growing up in a covenant environment, an environment where God lives and reveals himself through man.

Who we see God as is the most important thing about us. How we perceive his nature and attributes will affect our attitudes and actions. The tri-unity of God is his masterful foundation for community. God himself is community and thus his whole creation is an interdependent community. Ecology is the modern study of the community of living organisms and their environment. Sociology is the modern study of humans in relationship and community. These studies must find their ultimate foundation in theology, the study of God. God is an eternal community. He created us for community, and living in community is only possible in and through him. The more we see this the more we will fight for community, not just humans in community, but the community of all creation.

Prayer: Father, help us to live like you, help us live in unity even in our diversity, in Jesus’ name.