Every Season is a Time to Worship – Day 104

God made one of the key purposes of the sun, moon and stars clear: “Let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years: (Gen. 1:14, TNIV). Through the creation of these lights man was given the ability to keep track of his history as well as navigate through creation and time. If there were no rising and setting sun, if the moon never showed its phases, or if the stars did not rotate through the sky, everyday would be alike, without any distinguishing marks to divide them. Not only would every day be alike, but also daytime would be without time, and the night would be without chronology. There would be evening and morning, but no way to gauge when one was coming and the other was leaving. Since navigation is based on these luminaries their absence would have further complicated man’s existence, hindering him from navigating through the world.

Thus we see the creation of these lights were a sign of grace to man. God is preparing the way for man to come, he is making his road clear, so that he can travel and remember with coherence. As the Torah unfolds, God brings out the importance of days, times and seasons (cf. Lev. 23-25). There were certain days to work and certain days to rest. There were times of celebration and times to make haste. There was a proper season to plant and a season to reap. God put man in an environment that has a rhythm of its own and man is called to know this pattern. But we are not left to ourselves to know God’s ordained times, it is the Lord who sets the time and reveals it to man through his law. Therefore God told Moses, “These are my appointed festivals, the appointed festivals of the Lord, which you are to proclaim as sacred assemblies” (Lev. 23:2b).

In studying these festivals we see something else that is significant: God desired Israel’s whole life to be consecrated in worship to him. The harvest was not just to be reaped; it was to be received in the presence of the Lord with thanksgiving. Moreover, the harvest was to honor him. Everything we would consider secular, or just a part of life, was consecrated as sacred. The Lord said to Moses, “At your times of rejoicing—your appointed feasts and New Moon festivals—you are to sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, and they will be a memorial for you before your God. I am the Lord your God” (Num. 10:10). Clearly Yahweh is the Lord and God over every time and season. All time is sacred because all time comes as a gift of God.

Prayer, Father I thank you for your times and seasons. May I see all time as precious and sacred to you. Whatever season I’m in, may I worship you.

Published by: ggerhauser

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, I migrated to Australia in 1999. That’s when I married my beautiful wife, Anna, and we planted our church and Bible School. We’re now the proud parents of four children, ranging in age from eight to twenty-one. We’re still pastoring the same beautiful church, Church on the Park, in the the heart of Brisbane, Australia (https://www.brisbanefire.com). We also continue to teach our awesome students at Holy Fire Ministry Training School (https://www.holyfireschool.com). I love to write and encourage God's people. And something that many people don't know, I'm a DJ as well (aka DJ SOL Vibes).

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