Becoming Magnetic – Day 103

by ggerhauser

As a church we need to recognise Christ is dwelling in us, and Christ who is dwelling in us has the same power today as he had yesterday. When people recognize Christ in us (when they see him shining through) they will be magnetically attracted to the community of faith. Often, though, this only happens as we cross over into a territory that we are unfamiliar with––a place that challenges us, a spot that is out of our comfort zone. It was only when the disciples went through a storm together, and saw Christ’s triumph over it, that this extraordinary power was manifested in Gennesaret (Matt. 14:22-33). When people see Christ is in and among us, that he has kept us safe in a fierce storm, people will spread the word. They will see how sick they really are compared to his light. But more than that, hope will be imparted to them, because just one touch of God’s light will bring power, healing and restoration.

We need to pray that Christ is manifested in us in the same way he was made known among the early disciples. May his light shine through us bringing hope and healing to many. The healing is sometimes inward before it is outward, or sometimes it is both inward and outward at the same time. But one thing is certain: Yahweh is a healer because Yahweh saves. And that is what Jesus’ name means—“Yahweh saves!”