Resh: Our Head, Shepherd & Revealer of Truth

Morning Thought: Recently, the Lord has been giving me a series of visions. These visions are offering me a fresh perspective and renewed hope. Yes, it’s like we’ve been walking through a fogged valley, but I can also say he has been with us.

Acts 2:17 says the Lord will give us visions. The visions the Holy Spirit shows are not meant to replace or even revise Scripture. God uses them to encourage us and affirm his Word. Scripture should always be our standard.

Resh ר is the twentieth Hebrew letter and has a numerical value of two hundred. It means head ראש (rosh) and is used in the first word of Scripture (Genesis 1:1): beresheet בראשית. Taken literally, it means ‘In the head.’ That’s the way the ancient Jews communicated ‘In the beginning.’

The head is where everything starts. It’s the place of our mind, sight, ears, smell and taste. The New Testament reveals that Jesus is our head, our Rosh ראש. Moreover, in Hebrew, ‘to see’ begins with resh ר––it’s ra’ah ראה. ‘Shepherd’ also starts with resh ר––it’s ro’ee רעי.

There’s a simple prayer I’ve been praying lately. You can pray it too. “Lord, show me what you want to show me.” Jesus is our Shepherd and the one who causes us to see.

Psalm 119:160 beautifully sums up the Resh ר portion of Psalm 119: “The summit (rosh ראש) of your word is truth and forever are all your righteous decisions” (my translation).

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