QUF: Waiting Expectantly

Morning Thought: Now approaching centre stage is Quf ק (also written, Kuf). Quf ק is the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and has the numerical value of one hundred. It stands (qum קום) strong and stalwart (qav-qav קו-קו) with its roots grounded, awaiting (qavah קוה) its sacred (qodesh קדש) orders. It separates itself from the common, ordinary and sinful to be holy (Qadosh קדש) to the Lord. It longs to hear God’s call (qara קרא), his voice (qol קול). May we all be like Quf ק.

During the winter, our family stayed close to the Coral Sea. We had a distant glimpse of the water and could hear the continual roar of the waves. Soon the constant sound of the ocean became familiar to me, like background noise. After a while, I forgot the sound was there, but I noticed it when I focused.

Qol קול is the Hebrew word for sound, noise and voice. The Lord’s qol (voice/sound) was heard by Adam & Eve in the garden, even though they hid behind the trees (Gen. 3:8-10). Did you know that God is always speaking and unceasingly seeking after you? His voice pours forth speech day and night (Psalm 19). It’s so frequent you can get too familiar with it and tune it out. But if you focus, you will hear him. He speaks through his creation, people, events, history and ultimately his written Word. It’s by being like Quf ק — holy and set apart for your King — that you will hear his voice.

This heart of focusing, waiting and listening is found in the Quf ק portion of Psalm 119: “I rise before dawn and cry for help; I wait for Your words” (Ps 119:147, NASB).

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