TSADHE: The Surrendered One

Morning Thought: Tsadhe צ is the eighteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and has the numerical value of ninety. It’s shaped like a man bent on his knees in submission, surrender and worship to God. Tsadhe צ stands for the righteous one and righteousness. A tsadik צדיק is someone righteous and just. And this word comes from the root, tsadeq צדק, meaning to be right, straight and conformed to the standard.

Within the first year of my salvation, I fully surrendered to God. I knelt before the King and said, “Whatever you want and no matter the cost.” A few years later, the Lord put a supernatural love in my heart for Australia and Brisbane. I really knew nothing about Australia, except about its kangaroos and koalas. My passion was for my country, America, and the place I grew up, Long Island, New York.

Yet, the Lord said, “I want you to leave your country and plant a church and ministry in the centre of Brisbane city. It’s to be a base for missions, revival, and training for my harvest.” In submission and gut-wrenching tears, I left to follow my Shepherd. Anna was more than happy to migrate to New York, but we both listened to the Master’s call.

It’s now twenty-two years, and the challenge is to stay submitted and surrendered. I still get homesick, especially when people treat me like garbage. However, it’s not about doing my own thing or going where I want to go, but living in submission to my Saviour.

Moreover, it’s not about merely doing what I think is good but doing what is right in God’s eyes. Even Jesus was tempted to not go to the cross. Still, he said, “Yet not as I will, but as you will…Your will be done” (Matt. 26:39, 42). Jesus himself is the standard and example of righteousness. He is Tsadhe צ.

Psalm 119 Tsadhe צ begins with these compact and potent words: “Righteous [צדיק, tsadik] are you, Yahweh, and your judgments straight” (Psalm 119:137, my translation).

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