Announcing the Foundations Unit 2021 (Postcard)

I’m excited to announce our next semester — The Foundations Unit 2021 — beginning 2 August. A big thank you to my dear wife, Anna, for her creative postcard design. Each semester Anna asks God for a prophetic picture and message for our upcoming semester. And this is what she received (Click to open images). Please help us spread the word. You can now register @

Last but not least, a big thank you and congrats to everyone who was a part of this last semester: Helen Margaret, Caleb Harrison, Ka Yan, Donna Harrison, Winise Fangaloka, Barbara Lambert, Keina Satui, Juliana Fata, Fran Shaw, Rochelle Ketu, Alapeta Ngauamo, Luke Satui, Fia Satui, Kathy Kathy, Usch Skaboosh, Davina Rogers, Misi Bond, Trudy, Ema Pisia, Ricardo Zepeda, Taimani Sione, Margaret-Anne Green, Samuel Zepeda, Gideon Gerhauser, Marty Isaac, Chris Kendall, Kerry, Sione Haunga, and Siu Funaki

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