SAMEKH: The Lord Surrounds You

Morning Thought: It was World War II. Lawrence Weggery, Anna’s Grandfather, was flying a mission over Burma. Suddenly, the enemy’s anti-aircraft machine guns locked onto his Supermarine Spitfire. His plane took a barrage of fire from nose to tail. Even his cockpit began to fill with hydraulic oil. And yet, One Leg Weg – affectionately known for his remarkable ability to land a spitfire with one wheel – survived.

Afterwards, upon examining his aircraft, they concluded that the enemy’s machine-gun jammed at the critical moment its aim crossed the cockpit. That split-second saved his life. And if it weren’t for God Almighty’s protection, Anna and our children (as well as much of our extended family) wouldn’t be here today.

Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Weggery went on to lifelong service in the Salvation Army. He also became a great pioneer of Christian Radio and TV in New Zealand. He packed out auditoriums as people came to hear his thought-provoking messages about Jesus, the End-times, and the significance of the Jewish Feasts.

Samekh ס is the fifteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and has a numerical value of sixty. It means support, shelter and protection. In other words, Yahweh surrounds us like the enclosed shape of Samekh ס.

Samekh ס is closely associated with the Blessing in Numbers 6:24-26. In the Bible’s Hebrew manuscript, the scribes uniquely penned Samekh ס before and after each verse of the Aaronic Blessing. And if you count every Hebrew letter of the Blessing (and I did it again this morning), it adds up to precisely sixty letters: the numerical value of Samekh ס. Yes, the Lord knows how to bless and watch over us down to the minute, split-second details.

The second verse of Psalm 119 Samekh reads, “My hiding place (sitri סתרי) and my shield you are; for your word, I expectantly wait” (Psalm 119:114, my translation).

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