NUN: The Ancient Way to Grow

Morning Thought: Nun נ is the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has the numerical value of fifty. It means to sprout, propagate and increase.

The letter Nun נ, which resembles a humble servant, reminds us of Joshua, the son of Nun נון. Joshua assisted Moses with meekness (Exo. 33:11; Joshua 1:1). When others attacked Moses (like Korah), Joshua remained loyal. Though quiet and humble, he was able to discern through the noise of the crowd. He learned in a relational way as Moses poured into him. This set Joshua apart – he had a different spirit than his generation – when all said ‘No’, he said ‘Yes’ to the Lord (Num. 14:6-10, 24, 30). When Moses’ end drew near, God entrusted Joshua to be the next leader (Deu. 34:9). Joshua sprouted, propagated and increased as he led the next generation into the Promised Land.

I was blessed (and still am blessed) to have a Moses of my own – Pastor Dennis Hodulick – who took me under his wings shortly after I received Jesus. He asked me to assist him, and he trained me. His way was not the easy way – he was tough and didn’t shrink back from correcting me. He said, “If you can’t take it from me, you will never be able to take it from the people. They will be a lot rougher than me.” Looking back over two decades of ministry, he was right. Like Joshua, I learned the way of meekness and leaned on God for my strength, not people.

Today, there’s a plethora of information. Google, YouTube and social media want to be your mentors. And now, with all this technology, people think they know stuff. And yet, there is only one ancient way to grow. This generation both craves and resists it. The only way to truly learn is through relationship and meekness. The way of meekness means you are open to being personally challenged and corrected. And yes, your feelings will be hurt.

Joshua, son of Nun נון, was meek; therefore, he inherited (nachal נחל) the land (Ps 37:11; Matt. 5:5). Even when Moses graduated this earth, Joshua continued to learn, meditating on God’s Word day and night (Joshua 1:8).

The Nun portion of Psalm 119 begins with “A lamp [Ner נר] for my feet is your word, and a floodlight for my path” (Psalm 119:105, my translation).

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