God Draws You Out: MEM

Morning Thought: It was 1997. I locked myself in a bathroom cubicle, crying out to God. My honor’s thesis supervisor had just rejected my work and cancelled my graduation. Yes, I knew it was risky to write my thesis on Pastoral Leadership in a secular university. Now, it seemed, I’d never get to the revival in Pensacola. And in retrospect, I wouldn’t have met my wife, Anna, either. But soon after my prayer, the head of the Management Department called me to her office. She said, “You’re one of our best students, and I’m going to save you from this professor.” She changed my supervisor to a former Anglican priest who loved my work and recommended that I graduate with high honors. I went from humiliation to honor in a few short weeks.

Mem מ is the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and has the numerical value of forty. It reminds us of Moses (משה Moshe) as well as water (מימ mayim). As an infant, it looked like Moses would be erased from history. Pharaoh was bent on slaughtering all the Hebrew babies. But Moses’ mother hid him in a basket and placed him in the reeds of the Nile. Lo and behold, who finds the child? Pharaoh’s daughter. And instead of being murdered by Pharaoh, he grows up in Pharoah’s household. He was named Moses because he was drawn out of the water (Exo. 2:10, Moshe משה means drawn out משה). Today, no matter what you are facing, remember, God can draw you out of the waters. They may be like the waters of the Nile or the waters of the Red Sea, but if you are in the hands of the king (melek מלך), you are safe. The Mem portion of Psalm 119 begins with “What (מה mah) love I have for your teaching! All the day it is my meditation” (Psalm 119:97, my translation).

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