KAF: The Poured Out Life

Morning Thought: As a young man, I heard David Wilkerson preach a message that had a lifelong impact on me. It was called “The Poured Out Life.” Like the drink offerings poured out in the temple, our lives are to be completely and totally poured out in worship for God’s glory. Kaf כּ (or Kaph) is the eleventh letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and is a picture of our all (כֹּל, kol) given to Yahweh. Kaf כּ means palm (כַּף, kaph). We use our palms to open up in surrender to God; we stretch them out in both praise and submission. Besides resembling a palm, Kaf כּ looks like a vessel turned on its side, pouring out its rich contents. In the same way, our Lord, Jesus, became like a lamb (כֶּבֶשׂ, keves), giving his all (כֹּל, kol) to his Father, pouring out his blood. And we are called to follow the Lamb, our Great High Priest (כֹּהֵן, kohen). The poet of Psalm 119 begins the Kaf portion by writing (כָּתַב, katav), “Consumed (כּלְתָה, kaltah) for your salvation is my soul; for your word I wait with expectation” (Psalm 119:81, my translation). If I constantly pour out my life in worship, I must continually wait for his word to be filled again.

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