Yod: The Way of Humility

Morning Thought: Down through the years, Anna and I have learned that the humble way is the miraculous way. Yes, this way is painful, but it’s the only pathway to authentically knowing (ידע yada) God’s power. This is the message hidden in the tenth Hebrew letter: Yod י (or often spelled, Yud).

Yod י is the smallest of all Hebrew letters; Rabbis refer to it as a dot. Its minuscule nature reflects humility, and yet Yahweh (יהוה YHVH) does not leave this letter drowning in the dust. Instead, he lifts it up so that it hangs on nothing, sitting miraculously on high. James (Ya’akov יעקב) captures this way of God, saying, “Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you” (James 4:10).

Our Lord graces Yod י by beginning his covenantal name, Yahweh (יהוה YHVH), with the humblest of all letters. Our Father also names his son, Jesus, originally Yeshua ישׁוע, beginning with Yod. As we meditate on Yeshua’s sacrifice, we see that he demonstrated humility by stretching out each hand (yad יד) on the cross. Yes, his death was humiliating, and yet his Father exalted him to the highest place (Phil 2:6-11). That’s why we call today Good Friday.

Psalm 119:73 (the Yod י portion) begins with this humble prayer: “Your hands (ידיך Yadeykha) made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn your commandments.”

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