Solving Family Conflict – Day 156

As we live in covenant relationship our families reflect the testimony of God. But when there is warring and tension there is a lack of God’s joy emanating from us. Through family we learn that the only way to be tuned to each other is if we are in tune with the same source. When an orchestra is tuned to a tuning fork all the instruments are in tune with each other.

There is all sorts of tensions in family. Who is right? Who is wrong? In an orchestra we may ask, “who is in-tune and who is out of tune?” The violin may argue with the trombone and the piano may fight with the oboe. But the tuning fork gives the perfect pitch for all these instruments to become one with it. And as everything is in tune with the tuning fork every instrument will be in tune with each other. It is fruitless for us to argue who is right, whether it’s male or female. Instead when we are tuned with God’s keynote we will be in harmony with one another. The male and female relationship points to our need for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Walking in harmony with God eventually solves our conflicts with each other. But it takes humility for each family member to bow to God as Lord and cast away all our petty opinions, wants and desires.

Prayer: Father, may I be in tune with you. May I walk in harmony with your Son. Right now, I sumbit to your Lordship and lay at your feet my petty opinions, wants and desires. May all my family walk in oneness with you. If we do, we know that we will be unified with one another, in Jesus’ name.

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