Do Males Have a Monopoly on God? – Day 154

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created him” (Gen. 1:27, NIV). In this verse we see something more about being created in the image of God. We learn that males do not have a monopoly on God’s image, neither do females. Rather only male and female together, in covenant relationship, manifest God’s image.

This has great implications for society and community. The male dominated society is not a true reflection of God’s likeness. But on the other hand, feminism falls short too. Only the humility of both male and female dwelling together in sacrificial love reveals God’s heart.

Based on the above verse the Rabbis taught (and still do teach) that man is incomplete without woman. Only in marriage is a male complete. Though much rabbinic teaching is male-oriented, the Rabbis were definitely going in the right direction with this line of thought. Malehood alone does not mean completeness.

The age-old question is whether God is male or female. The Bible refers to God almost exclusively with male-terminology. However, feminists have argued that this is chauvinistic and that our view of God should be the divine mother. There has even been discussion about changing the Lord’s Prayer to “Our Father and Mother.” How do we respond to this?

God is neither male nor female. As God he is above sexual orientation: he is the creator of the sexes. So then why do we use the pronoun “he” to describe God? It is because that is the Biblical example. Why does the Bible put emphasis on God as a Father rather than a Mother? The answer to this question is complex, but most importantly we need to see that the image of God does not just contain male qualities but what we would also consider female qualities. In Scripture God is compared to a woman in motherly compassion. Even wisdom is referred to in the feminine form.

The image of God can only be reflected in both male and female together as one.

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Born and raised on Long Island, New York, I migrated to Australia in 1999. That’s when I married my beautiful wife, Anna, and we planted our church and Bible School. We’re now the proud parents of four children, ranging in age from eight to twenty-one. We’re still pastoring the same beautiful church, Church on the Park, in the the heart of Brisbane, Australia ( We also continue to teach our awesome students at Holy Fire Ministry Training School ( I love to write and encourage God's people. And something that many people don't know, I'm a DJ as well (aka DJ SOL Vibes).

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