You Were Created for Intimacy – Day 151

Being created in the image of God means we were made in the image of community. Furthermore, we all have the capacity for intimate fellowship with God. Every creature made has some relationship with God, but human beings have access to the ultimate relationship with God. Because we have been created in God’s image we can be enveloped in the triune fellowship of God himself. We have the ability to know and understand God. God is not unknowable to us; we can know him. The beasts of the fields may be blessed by God’s presence, but only we can have unprecedented communion with God.

I cannot fully understand the birds of the air because I am not like them. The ants communicate, but their communication is a mystery to me, I am only an outsider looking in. But with God I am no outsider. I am created in his image and likeness. I can know his thoughts and emotions. I can know his ways and his plans. I can know his language. I have been created to sit with him in the heavenly realms. It is only because we are made in the image and likeness of God that we are called to rule over God’s creation. If we are not intimate with God then our rule is the reign of a usurper. This rule is only the privilege of those in fellowship with God.

To be made in the image and likeness of God means we are partakers in God’s eternal life. Eternal life is not first and foremost about longevity (that is, living forever). It is about being in the eternal exchange of God’s fellowship. The Father communicates life to the Son by the Spirit and the Son communicates life to the Father by the same Spirit. Because we have been made in the image of God we are in the centre of this divine exchange of life. Therefore being created in God’s image is completely the grace, mercy and favour of God. Who can ask for anything more? Since this is how we were created our hearts are restless until they find rest in God alone.

Prayer: God, let we walk in intimacy with you today. Let me have that deep fellowship with you that I was created for, in Jesus’ name.


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