You Were Created With a Purpose – Day 142

The creation of man is the ultimate expression and statement of who God is. God created human beings in his image and likeness. Theologians have argued that the Bible is full of anthropomorphisms when describing God. In other words, we use human characteristics to describe who God is. The idea is that the Bible represents God in man’s image in order to help him understand God. They deliberate that all of these expressions fall short of who God really is––God is actually unknowable and indescribable.

However, there is a great flaw with this reasoning. If man is made in God’s image and likeness then the Bible is full of theomorphic language––God uses man to communicate who he is.

The human being is meant to be a reflection of God, rather than God being a reflection of man’s idealizations. God is very human and humans are like God: they think, feel, desire, speak, believe, know and act. They do these things because they are like God. Man’s main purpose is to be a revelation of God––to be his sons and daughters on earth and to one another––to testify of God’s glory. Man as man is not unworthy of God (he is not too pitiful for his glory); instead he is made to be God’s dwelling place. We are representatives of who God is spiritually, and therefore the fact that God became man is not incongruent with his nature.

The incarnation of Christ is the truest testimony of who God is. In all this we see that our purpose is to reflect God’s image on earth––to bear testimony of him. And each of us has a unique way of doing that very thing.

Prayer: Father, you made me in your image and likeness. I’m not a mistake or accident; I was foreknown by you and created with purpose. As a person draws close to still waters to see his reflection, may I draw close to you so that I may reflect your nature in my family, workplace and community, in Jesus’ name.

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