Mere Refreshing vs. Obedience

The Israelites of Moses’ generation made the mistake of not drinking the right way. “They drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ. Nevertheless, God was not pleased with most of them; their bodies were scattered in the wilderness” (1 Cor. 10:4-5). They did not drink in order to be refreshed and obedient, but only to be refreshed. They let God satisfy their needs but they did not let him empower them to surrender to his will. The result was that they never made it into the Promised Land.

Today God is choosing an elite army that has been trained, equipped and prepared. He is more interested in the quality of the army rather than the size. Those who drink the living waters in a self-indulgent manner will be left behind. The Father has given his Spirit for a purpose: to refresh and revive his obedient people. Those who drink without being watchful and ready to war will be left behind. They may share in the end victory (like the nation of Israel did after Gideon’s battle) but they will not be the ones who rout out the enemy.

Prayer: Father, let me drink in your refreshing Spirit in order to be obedient. Save me from basking in the blessing in order to indulge my own self. Make me watchful, alert and ready to fight the good fight of faith. May I have the quality that you were looking for in Gideon’s army.


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