God Makes the Bitter Waters Sweet – Day 110

by ggerhauser

“Then God said, ‘Let the water teem with swarms of living creatures…” Here we see God’s heart. Elohim does not want the waters to be sterile and barren, a lifeless mass of darkness. He desires living waters, waters that are teeming with life. In one word God injects life, colour, movement and fullness into an otherwise abyss of nothingness. The deep (which is from the beginning, Gen 1:2) receives yet another work of transformation. Now the water itself is fruitful (not just the land) and has a purpose beyond itself. Before this event the waters were hostile to life: they were dark and submerging the land. On the third day they were given boundaries, but still they did not have life in them. Now they are bursting with life. In this we see that God is able to take a potential threat to man and make it a home of grace.

The Lord’s waters are living waters. On the fifth day God took the bitter waters and made them sweet. He made a world, an underwater world, that is as unexplored as the heavens. He put life in the deepest caverns of the sea and in the shallowest streams that flow through the earth. And this life was abundant! He said, “Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures…”

Prayer: Father, take the lifeless, bitter waters in my life and fill them with your life, in Jesus’ name.