Living in Hope – Day 91

by ggerhauser

The power of God’s light that shines through us separates the day from the night. People clearly see the distinction. The light dispels and exposes the darkness. God’s light causes people to wake up from their slumber. Some may want to roll over in their beds and keep sleeping; they are too tired and comfortable to get up. They know that the light is shining through their windows, but they pull the curtains closed because they are content with their current slumber.

The man or woman of God is someone who is separate. They are not of this world, but their presence and effect is clearly felt in this world. They are like the sun, moon and stars that are not of the earth but affect everything in the world. God’s people make a difference even though the world may try to ignore their power. God made the sun, moon and stars to separate the day from the night. He also established grace in the night, lights that shine even though the darkness is prevalent.

Not only has God established grace in the night; he has created hope. There is something glorious to look forward to. There is a morning coming that will outshine all mornings. This will be a new day and a new age that will never again know the triumph of darkness. This was the blessed hope that the apostle’s continually stressed. And it is only in light of this hope that we can live radically different, separate from the world’s night.

This hope is the coming of the Lord Jesus and it is a hope for this world. God’s plan is not that we are merely whisked up into heaven one day. He has predestined heaven to come to earth. That is why Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Yes, the heavens and earth are fallen due to man’s negligent stewardship, but they will be transformed (made completely new by the dawn of this new day). The Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings (Mal. 4:2).

Prayer: Father, enable me to live in hope. You have me in this world to be a light, to be part of the day, not the night. Keep me awake and burning. Let me not be of this world but let me affect the world, just like the sun, moon and stars do. Father, let us speed your coming by longing for your appearing and the dawning of a new day. Arise, Sun of Righteous, with healing in your wings!