Don’t Get Stuck in the Past – Day 75

by ggerhauser

God’s Word that came to Israel in Egypt brought them salvation and deliverance––the waters were parted and they walked through the dry land into the freedom of the wilderness. But something went terribly wrong in the wilderness. They refused to listen to the next word God was speaking. Instead they hardened their hearts. As a result, the Israelites of Moses’ generation died in the wilderness. They experienced much, but never entered into the fullness of God’s destiny.

God’s Word spoken into your heart may have done something tremendous in your life, but you cannot stop there. Instead continually anticipate the next Word. Guard your heart with all diligence, keep it soft, always looking forward to that next Word. Pant after that Word like the dear pants for water. Many people die in the wilderness because they don’t listen to the next Word. Salvation may have come to them, but they never enter into the fullness of God’s Spirit, a fullness that produces fruit.

The Father has designed that the ultimate test is found in the inevitable wilderness and the main issue at stake is fruitfulness. In the wilderness the question arises, “How can I be fruitful? How can I be significant? How can I be relevant?” These questions emerge out of one of our most basic drives: the drive to be successful, to bear fruit.

There is a great craving in us to be fruitful; we long and thirst for fruitfulness. This is clearly seen when Rachel cries out to Jacob, “Give me children or I die!” (Gen. 30:1). To the ancient mind lack of natural fruitfulness meant lack of success. It meant one was a failure and unable to carry on the family legacy. It meant dishonour and reproach.

The same sentiment is seen today but expressed differently. In our culture, children are not as important––money, popularity, cars, jobs and accomplishments are. These are what we consider fruitfulness. Many would rather die than be an utter failure in the world’s eyes. Consequently, there is a major emphasis being successful. However, the main question is “How are we going to be fruitful?” In our next post we will explore that question.

Prayer: Father, you have spoken to my heart and changed my life. But keep me thirsty for the next Word. Let me not get stuck in the past. Jesus may I hear your voice today and move forward in you!