God Said And It Was So – Day 73

“And God said…and it was so.” Do we have this type of faith in God’s Word? Do we believe that whatever God says is so? Do we argue and doubt whether God’s Word will come to pass? The principal sin of Adam and Eve was that they lost faith in God’s Word. They did not believe that what he said was so. Moreover, it cannot be changed. This unbelief caused the unravelling of God’s creation under their care. Now all of creation groans (Rom. 8:18-27). Why is creation in pain? Because the Word of God is the principle and foundation of the heavens and the earth (Heb. 11:3; 2 Pet. 3:5-7). By it God created the universe and upholds the cosmos. Opposition to it brings disorder. If there is anything that the creation story teaches us is the absolute necessity and indispensability of God’s Word as the foundation––everything is the fruit of God’s Word.

“And God said…” This is the phrase that is repeated the most in the creation story, the author never gets tired of using it. In Hebrew it is vayomer elohim and the author uses it ten times. I believe that when God spoke it ushered in the dawn of each day. Everyday was a reflection (in some way) of the first day when God spoke and there was light. Each successive day begins with the evening breaking because of the light of God’s Word. Each day commences with the Word and no day gets bored with the “monotony” of it. Why? Because the Word of God is never dead and dry, it is charged with life and power. Even though it comes day by day it never lacks impetus.

How about us? Are we bored with the phrase, “And God said”? Does it lack zest and meaning to us? Are we like the children of Israel who were fed up with receiving manna each day because they longed for something more? Do we realise there is nothing more than God’s Word because God’s Word is himself? Are we really beginning a new day if we have not heard that fresh Word? Or are we just living in the past day?

Prayer: O Lord, let me never get bored of your Word. Let it be fresh to me. May I rejoice in it as a person rejoices over great riches. It is your Word and makes things so. There is no greater power than your Word! May that Word come to me today and everyday, in Jesus’ name.

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