Laying the Foundation – Day 67

The sea is good only when it is put into its place. Outside of its place it is a major threat to our wellbeing. The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 (26 December) is a great example of the havoc waters can create. In one event a quarter of a million people died. The sea is very powerful, but when it operates outside its boundaries it brings destruction.

The first three days of creation are foundational days, a time when God is forming boundaries. The creation of light, the forming of the heavens and the appearance of the earth are the groundwork for what is to come. In these days God is setting the stage for life. He first begins to form, laying a foundation; then afterward he fills what he has founded, building layer upon layer. This foundation is based on God setting boundaries; he tells the sea that it can go “this far and no further.” He sets limits on the waters and the earth. In the same way, God also wants to set healthy boundaries in our lives and build a solid foundation in us. In our next post we will explore how God sets boundaries further.

Prayer: Lord, when things cross their boundaries they bring harm, even destruction. Teach me my boundaries, set the foundation of Christ in my life. Help me be content in the borders you set for my good, in Jesus name. You are the foundation-forming Lord.

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