The Word of Grace – Day 64

by ggerhauser

God said, “Let there be…” God’s very word was the act of his grace. Here the Hebrew hayah, “to be,” is used and its usage is very insightful. The Hebrew language does not normally use the verb “to be” in sentences like we do in English. Instead of saying, “The Lord is good,” Hebrew would say something like, “The Lord good.” Throughout the creation account we see hayah being continually used and because of its unique usage we should take particular notice. What is its significance? And why does the author use this word?

It is because the Holy Spirit is communicating that through God’s Word everything came into being. This is the foundational message communicated through Genesis 1:1-2:3. Yahweh is the God who causes to be. Everyday of creation we observe that Yahweh is causing to be. We too need to be like the heavens and the earth, completely yielding to the power of Yahweh’s Word.

Prayer: O Father, when I hear your Word, truly hear your Word, it causes your will to be formed in me. It’s your Word that causes something out of nothing; it makes me beautiful. Without your Word there is no grace in my life, I’m left formless and empty. Today, I cry out for your Word and I ask for ears to hear it.