Deep Calls to Deep – Day 57

The love displayed on the cross may look to some like the absence of love. What might have some thought as Jesus was crucified? Maybe “The Messiah doesn’t love us. If he did, he would save himself. If he loved us he would overthrow the Roman government right now and restore the kingdom to Israel. Where are his healings now? Where are his miracles?” The greatest miracle looked like no miracle; rather it seemed like defeat.

What is Jesus doing on the cross? He is fulfilling all righteousness. He is revealing the righteousness of God, but it is a righteousness that is veiled to the perishing. He is ending his earthly ministry in the same spirit he began his earthly ministry—with baptism. He is going through the waters of death with the people, in order to save the people. He is leading them; he is identifying with them; he is repenting for them; he is interceding for them.

On the cross Jesus is experiencing humankind’s thirst because of the heat of God’s wrath. “Deep is calling out to deep” (Psa. 42:7). He cannot accept the drug that people give him to quench his thirst, the wine and vinegar (Matt. 27:34). He only looks to God to satisfy his thirst; he does not look for a human solution to help him in his suffering. He only looks to God.

How much of this spirit is in us? How much of it is in our lives? If Jesus’ nature is going to be in us we need God to break up our deeps like he broke up the deep on the second day. Only then can heaven be manifested on earth. Only then can people see it. Only then can we experience the fullness of the oxygen of heaven, the Holy Spirit, here and now.

Prayer: Father, come by your Holy Spirit into my life and break open my deeps. Create a heavenly atmosphere in and around me. Let me be willing to not only appreciate Christ’s death on the cross but to go all the way and be crucified with him. May my prayers not be mere repetition of words, but calls from the depths within me to your depths.

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