The Humility of Christmas – Day 46

by ggerhauser

Isn’t the issue of God using man one of the main reasons people reject the things of God? People do not believe the Bible because it is from man. Man’s flesh and fallen nature offends the world. They ask, “How can God speak through a human being when people are imperfect?” They do not believe in Jesus because he was a man. This was the same offense that his own hometown had about him. He was flesh and blood like them; he cannot be greater than us. The Nazarenes were offended that God’s Word had to be born. They are offended that God’s Word had to become flesh and blood. Yes, it even had to grow. God has designed that the Word of God can only be engrafted into our souls through meekness (James 1:21).

Isn’t this issue of the “Word of God” coming through the flesh the central issue of the church? We think, “How can a preacher speak the Word of God if he is imperfect?” Therefore, we only honor the preacher to a point, but we do not honor his words as we would honor Christ’s words. We actually divorce the two. The question we wrestle with is, “How can God speak through the flesh?” We would rather have a heavenly visitation or an angelic encounter. We would much prefer the supernatural audible voice of the Father apart from any person. If we heard that, then we think we would say, “Yes, God has really spoken!” Yet the main medium God has chosen to speak through is flesh, and if we do not have the humility to receive the Word through a fellow brother or sister, we will probably not receive it through a supernatural sign.

And here is the piece de resistance: God does not just speak through prophets and apostles; he speaks through every believer who is in Christ. Am I listening to the Word of God being spoken through the weakest of believers? God may have the very answer you need in the form of an immature brother. God offends the mind to reveal the heart.

Prayer: Father, teach me all that Christmas means. The humility. The love. The vulnerability. May I hear your voice through your birth. May I hear God’s Word through flesh. And deliver me from being offended by what you choose.