The Cross Foreshadowed – Day 31

by ggerhauser

Again, why does the creation story have to begin on such a “dark,” even chaotic, note? Why not just bring to the foreground the marvellous beauty of God’s creation? Why start with formlessness and emptiness? The reason is that it is prophetic––the way God created is a message to us.

Genesis 1:2 is a prophetic foreshadowing of Israel’s history. Israel would soon be thrown into the darkness of Egypt. Even though they were called to be great and a blessing to the nations, they first had to endure being “formless and empty” in Egypt’s dark womb. For those in Israel who had eyes to see, Genesis 1:2 gave hope: even in their darkness, God was at work. Why? Because “the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters”.

As we continue to read Israel’s story we learn that out of Egypt the Father called his son and began to form and fill this redeemed slave nation. Out of their darkness came light!

Genesis 1:2 is also the Bible’s greatest prophetic foreshadowing of the cross. In the same way the old creation began from the state of being “formless and empty,” the new creation began with our Saviour becoming “formless and empty”. Therefore, we see again the wisdom and sovereignty of God in the very way he creates the heavens and the earth.

Prayer: Father, the very message of the cross is imprinted into the beginning of your creation’s story. Today, I want to see the glory of the cross. And when I’m carrying my cross and going through the darkness of night, may I know that you are near. Your Holy Spirit is hovering over me, caring for me, even when I’m suffering. You’ve got great things in store for me.