The Test of Waiting – Day 28

by ggerhauser

We are tested through waiting on God during his silence. Are we truly looking to him and only him for our answers? Or will we become impatient and run to someone else for a solution? Will we think God has forsaken us and try to cling to an idol for comfort? These are the questions that arise when we consider God’s silence. His silence and seeming inactivity is one of the greatest tests we need to endure.

One of the ways God tests us is to remove his manifest presence from us. Look at the story of Samuel and Saul. Remember Lazarus. The Lord who waits—who is in no rush to make his creation, who even takes a day of rest when he doesn’t need to—wants us to join him in waiting. The rest that comes through waiting, actually tests a person’s character. Will we wait for the Word and power of God to create us, or will we make ourselves? This reveals the true distinction between the righteous and the wicked.

Prayer: Father, I wait on your Word from heaven. I don’t want my own word or my clever solutions. As the psalmist waited, help me to be strong, take courage and wait on the Lord. I know an invasion of your light is coming.