A New Process Theology – Day 24

by ggerhauser

The very way God created is a message; he is speaking through the process and not just the product. Rather than taking a short path, he decides to walk a longer route. All of this was done to teach us, to show us his ways. In the same way that God created the heavens and earth over time, he makes us through a process. Remember, the best wine matures through age. God is in no rush to display his power; he is patient and that patience is seen in the very manner he created all things.

Before we were saved we were like the earth: formless and empty. All the potential for God to create something glorious was present; nevertheless darkness flooded our very depths. Our lives looked bleak, but the Holy Spirit began to move on the waters of our hearts. He enveloped us with his presence, watching over and preparing us for his Word. Once his voice came we were transformed. Now, through the continuing work of the Holy Spirit and the Word, our lives are formed into Christ’s image and filled with his glory. Our very lives mirror God’s creative work in the beginning.

God always begins his creative work with something “formless and empty.” When we try to make ourselves, filling our lives with temporal things, the Father has to break us down. God cannot build on a faulty foundation. He will tear down what we have erected in order to build a temple for his glory. This pattern is seen throughout Scripture, but especially in Jeremiah: “See, I have this day set you over nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant” (Jer. 1:10, NKJV). Notice how the rooting out and pulling down, the destroying and throwing down, come before the building and planting. God must demolish our faulty towers so that he can construct his glorious creation. But rest assure that when he brings down, he will certainly build up again. Our God never wants to keep us formless and empty, but desires to bring us forward into the fullness of his glory.

Prayer: Father, you could have snapped your fingers and made the heavens and earth in one nanosecond. But instead you went the longer route, building day upon day. When I am in a rush, Lord, help me to slow down. I’ve got lots of things to do, but I need to take one day at a time. And I need to realize that you are working in me day by day. You took six days to make what we see, but you are taking generations to make what we do not see. I may have started formless and empty, but your work of salvation is forming and filling me. Thank you, Jesus!