The Way God Created: Teamwork – Day 15

by ggerhauser

How did God create this wonderful theater for his glory? It was through teamwork—the teamwork of the eternal Godhead. You may have never heard the term “teamwork” to describe God’s act of creation. Nevertheless, God is an eternal relationship, a team of three.

The clue that begins to reveal the mystery of God’s team nature is contained in the Hebrew name for God recorded in Genesis 1:1: Elohim. This is a plural word, but in this verse (and many others) it is used in the grammatical singular.

The usage of Elohim is a profound mystery. It gives us a glimpse of God as one and yet more than one. You may question, “How can this be?” But remember we are dwelling in the realm of the infinite and miraculous. There is nothing about God that we can fully grasp. How can we comprehend his love, holiness and eternity? But if we believe the revelation he has given of himself then our finite understanding will grow. Through faith the tri-unity of God will begin to make sense and explain the very mystery of life itself.

Now I should bring a word of caution: even though God is an eternal communion of three, he is not three gods. Yahweh in the Old Testament clearly reveals that there is no god besides him. He declared, “Hear O Israel, Yahweh our God, Yahweh is one” (Deu. 6:4).God is one, but that unity is a complex unity, rather than an absolute, singular unity. And since God is one he has made the universe of parts that are interdependent. And he has especially made his people a body––interdependent on one another. His people are called to reflect his image.

Prayer: God, you are so much greater than any box or category we try to put you in. You are the God who is relationship––you are communion. Lord, I honor you and you alone. Just as the Father and Son are one by the Spirit, may we your people be one and reflect your image to a lost and divided world.