Pressing On To Maturity – Day 5

by ggerhauser

The apostle John said, “I write to you, fathers, because you have known him who is from the beginning” (1 John 1:13, 14). There is something about knowing him who is from the beginning that brings maturity; it causes us to become spiritual fathers and mothers. Young children know their father, but do not know their father’s history. New believers also know their Father, but they do not know the profoundness of his eternal nature. As they grow they will value their Father’s history, even though at present they may not fully appreciate it. This is why John says to young believers: “I write to you, dear children, because you have known the Father” (1 John 2:13). It is clear that these young children in Christ know the Father. But, he specifically omits, “you have known him who is from the beginning.” Why? Because even though they know their heavenly Father, they do not have a mature understanding of his eternal ways and story.

The spiritually immature tend to dwell in the Gospel accounts of Christ, but often do not have the gumption to dive into the Torah’s deep waters. They find the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) is over their heads; they cannot fathom its depths. Only as they grow do they get rooted and grounded in these extraordinary first five books. These foundational writings then give them further maturity in their apprehension of the Gospels (which are absolutely essential). Consequently, they no longer have a childish perception of Father, but come to know “him who is from the beginning.”

Prayer: Father, I want to know you, you who is from the beginning. I’m not satisfied with a shallow relationship with you. I want to grow in the knowledge of you and become mature. May my roots go down deep into the depths of your character. Give me the courage to dive deep into the depths of your Torah.