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Shout for Joy: Reflecting on 2015

Today at church, we reflected on 2015 and looked forward to 2016. There was a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit present and exuberant joy. Many people came forward at the end of the message to say thanks for what God did in their lives and for one another. Here’s the message I shared. Please feel free to share.


Red Hot

A beautiful day with God’s people. This weekend we bought twenty new chairs to cater for the new growth in our church. That’s a big deal for us because most of the disciples we made over the years we sent to other locations and churches. Here’s today’s message all about God’s red hot love for you. You can download the audio and notes. Feel free to share.


Who’s Writing Your Story?

Beautiful testimonies today of what the Holy Spirit is doing in people’s lives. With all that God is doing, I think we will start calling church, ‘Revival in the Park’ :-). Here’s today’s message: Who’s Writing Your Story. It’s all about how God always leads us into victory no matter what you experience. Stream or download audio and notes. Feel free to share:

Recovering the Rhythm of Rest

Today, God breathed his life into us as we gathered. I also shared a message that I felt a big battle over before today. It’s another critical one to teach you how to overcome. You can download audio or notes and stream. If blessed, please share. Thanks!

Reclaiming the Mouth-Gate

Today, I continued the series on reclaiming the gates. This one is all about the mouth-gate and focuses on the power of praise. Please share. You can stream or download both audio & notes.

Reclaiming the Eye-Gate

I felt the message I shared today was one of the most important I’ve shared this year. It’s about reclaiming your eyes for God’s glory. Have a listen and please share. You can stream and download both audio and notes. Thanks!

The Secret of Perseverance

A very precious time with God’s people today. Here’s the message I spoke: The Secret of Perseverance . You can download both audio & notes. Please share. Thanks!

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